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Welcome to ReNu U

You have made it this far so im guessing your looking to improve your quality of life. Feel amazing and try something a little bit different. 

Join me in training your body and soul for longevity through practical movement and an awareness of your self. Increase your strength, bone density, balance, endurance and mobility. Learn how to take control by unlock your bodies awesome potential.




Why is Functional Movement Good For You Physically and Spiritually ?

Have you noticed as you get older its not as easy to do things like getting up and down ? Crossing your legs and sitting on the floor, or even tying your shoe laces is more challenging than you remember. It was all so much easier when you were a kid. Movement was easier and there was no fear. You just did things. But now do you find you suffer from anxiety or depression when you think about trying something new?

Do you want to exercise but there is always something holding you back? 

 Well Your age has nothing  to do with your now restricted ability to move, its because you stopped doing it. The reason something keeps coming up is because your anxious and your mind will come up with any excuse to hold you back. You stopped playing and moving your body in strange fun ways, you stopped having competitions with your friends on who could run the fastest or hang longer on the monkey bars you even stopped bending down to do your laces and now pop your foot on a chair or stool. 

Movement is essential for you to live a long independent life. Exercise releases your HAPPY hormones and has even helped me so much with my Anxiety and regaining control that im no longer a slave to the prescription world.


And really isn't that what we all want. 

Classes start whenever you decide

Do you find in person classes just don't match your schedule? 

Do you feel self conscious  that you're not as fit as every one else in the class?

No stress, just signup to our website and you will be able to purchases classes to do in the comfort of your own home. Just click on your video and join me in your Functional Movement class any time that works for you. At home in the park or even away on holidays.

Needing some thing a little more personalised, just click the Lets Chat button at the bottom of your screen and send me a message.

Try new classes and styles

I love to train my body in all different styles so you will never get board as you join me in classes that range from very soft and gentle like our TRANSFORM class all the way up to your heart pumping classes like BOUNCé on the mini trampoline or WAR our boxing style cardio class.

Minimal or no equipment required.

We have classes that require no more than a yoga mat such as TRANSFORM, AXIS and WAR.

Other classes may require weights, boxing gloves or a step. 

LIVE in studio classes only require your yoga mat, a towel and your water bottle. 

Live in Studio or On demand  memberships

Become a LIVE member to enjoy all the benefits of working out in a group . Classes are kept small and intermit  so you don't get lost in the crowd . Or choose a ON DEMAND membership and enjoy our ever growing library of classes for you to do when ever you like. All our memberships include video Technique master classes, Exclusive in App groups with nutritional information, meditations and much more.

Full membership not for you? after something a little more casual?

Join a casual LIVE class in studio and simply pay when you book, no need for a full time membership.

Simple Photo Leather Boxing Gloves Twitter Post.png


Bootcamp is where you really get to fine tune your techniques in a class. Be prepared to smash out your goals and really feel like you have accomplished something at the end. 

We have a few different styles of bootcamps.


70 min session, infusion of WAR, RIP, AXIS 


60 mins, headstand bench, spinning/ stationary pole, 

pre register to

keep unto date.


Mid April start

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