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Our Story

After working in a gym as a group fitness instructor and just not digging the vibe I decided to move my classes to my house under the carport.  As It was Covid time this ended up a smart move as out door training was all we were allowed to do so this worked great. But it was hot and it was cold and the rain blew in so I decided to move into a building. With 3 years of being in a building of our own and learning what moves people as well as evolving my self I decided it was time to expand and go online.

What made me make this decision?

 We all have such busy lives and work such different hrs so its hard to find that perfect time slot. I also notice when ever a potential new member messaged me it was ANXIETY that is holding most girls back. The anxiety of feeling not fit enough, or being a bit bigger or feeling silly and wanting to be up the back the class. As some one who has suffered with depression and anxiety for over 30 years it breaks my heart to see someone suffering especially as I know from my own experience that once you make that first step and start your going to feel soooo much better. 

So let's go ONLINE and let's have our LIVE in studio classes so we get that group fitness feeling for the members that like some human interaction.

This also means more freedom on the classes you choose. If you only want to do the  cardio or weights based classes you can. Its totally up to you. Offering LIVE in studio  classes and  ON DEMAND classes you can joining on in the app or the website. ON DEMAND classes  can be  paused and rewatched , do as many times as you like. I feel like  Ive come up with the perfect way to keep you moving and reclaiming your freedom of movement.

ReNú U  Founder

Tanya Brosig

Who am I ? Im 45 year old mother of 3, I've had 3 c sections been working as a hairdresser since i was 13 and have entered Peri menopause.  My goals have changed very dramatically over the different stages of my life and I'm loving being in my 40's. I found I really started focusing on me in my 40's. Lets face it we really we only get one body to do this life with and I know I don't want to be someone OLD before their time. Ive watched how Parkinson's changed my Opa ( granddad) quality of lif and even though he wasn't able to prevent him self from getting Parkinson's maybe with Functional movement earlier on he might not of had as many falls or just maybe we could of kept him moving independently for longer.. Hindsight its a wonderful thing if you can make it work for your life.

Ive been a group fitness instructor since 2019 and I love it. I love the way you get in and get it done. Im much more into group fitness even when doing it by myself than doing regular weight training in a big commercial gym. Im not a fan of the standing around in between sets. 

Im a regular anxious mum doing what I know works for me, I'm not an Insta influencer in their 20's showing mums how to get a 6 pack. Im all about showing real ladies how they can feel good in their skin and their soul giving everyone the freedom to move and play.  

I am the Team

This is a 1 woman show.

Tanya Brosig


 Group fitness instructor cert 3

Internationally certified Radical Fitness instructor

Fundamentals of Nutrition 

Holistic gut health 

Cert 4 Nutrition

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Bootcamp is where you really get to fine tune your techniques in a class. Be prepared to smash out your goals and really feel like you have accomplished something at the end. 

We have a few different styles of bootcamps.


70 min session, infusion of WAR, RIP, AXIS 


60 mins, headstand bench, spinning/ stationary pole, 

pre register to

keep unto date.


Mid April start

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