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All my classes are based around core strengthening and Functional movement to keep you up right and moving. As we move through life we have different goals but one thing stays the same and thats to be fit and healthy into our senior years. You dont need to be an athlete or a seasoned gym junkie to get through these classes that are all designed to help any one get great results with many modifications available to make moves harder or easier. These classes have been tried out in the studio with real live members of all ages and fitness levels they are not impossible Insta workouts. 


Strength training increases muscle mass and bone density making your body strong and powerful. Increased muscle mass can lead to less body fat, stronger immune system and reduce stress. With 4 strength training classes there is a style to suit everyone. RIP, AXIS, TRX and TRANSFORM


Cardiovascular training improves heart and lung health, activates your immune system increases Endorphins and Dopamine ( your feel good hormones )improves stamina and aids in Fat loss. No need to do boring cardio like running on a treadmill or climbing Mt Everest on the stair master. Join me in Rhythm , WAR, STEP and Bouncé on the mini trampoline.


Flexibility is the key to it all, the flex classes help improve all of your movements making it easier to do the movements the other classes. Flexibility benefits your body by improving your ability to do daily activities, increases muscle blood flow, enables your muscles to work more effectively, helps your joints move through their full range of motion as well as decreasing your risk of injury.. I have 2 styles of flexibility classes for you to enjoy TRANSFORM and AXIS

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Bootcamp is where you really get to fine tune your techniques in a class. Be prepared to smash out your goals and really feel like you have accomplished something at the end. 

We have a few different styles of bootcamps.


70 min session, infusion of WAR, RIP, AXIS 


60 mins, headstand bench, spinning/ stationary pole, 

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